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12th August 2018
The chillis are growing! 🌶
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31st July 2018

The first signs of flowers are appearing on a chilli plant I got from Wahaca nearly a year ago. 🌱 🌶

30th July 2018

A lovey 20GB IDE drive turned up today! I’ll be fitting this into my iMac G3 soon.

20th July 2018

One thing that really annoys me about iMessage/Messages app, is if you send a message on a device that is not quite synced with other devices yet, it stays out of place when it does finally sync.

I’d like either the order to be synced, or just to sort them by time.

18th July 2018

I took my MacBook to work today so I could play the Battle for Azeroth Pre Patch. I was pretty disappointed when I saw there was no new questlines.

16th July 2018
They never call my name out
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16th July 2018

I’ve got a new build of Slate uploading to Apple now. It has one change – better detection of images in posts. It’s something that annoys me a lot, and it slows down the app significantly if the image is downloaded/rendered on the main thread.

I’m hoping to get back in to the swing of things with Slate, because I’ve been busy on other projects recently, one being my latest app Text Case.

I think image uploading will be the next feature.

14th July 2018
Things change very fast. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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