23rd July 2018

Nir Zicherman, co-founder and CTO of Anchor:

Back in the day, you would have had to pay to host video online. But you would never do that today (thanks to services like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and plenty of other free video hosting platforms). Back in the day, you would have had to pay to store your photos online. But that outdated business model has virtually disappeared thanks to platforms like Google Photos, Instagram, Imgur, and others. At Anchor, we believe the notion of charging creators to host their content online is antiquated and unfair. And above all else, it serves as a barrier that prevents the podcasting ecosystem from growing and becoming more diverse, because it limits it to only those voices who can afford to pay.

I must admit, the headline caused me to instantly question the article. But it completely turned me around. Anchor seem to be doing some great things in podcasting, and it’s very interesting to see the platform constantly growing.

20th April 2017

There’s been a load of hints about something new coming to the MacStories family for a while, and it’s finally been announced. It’s called AppStories!

AppStories is a new podcast by Federico Viticci and John Voorhees, which focusses on apps, notable updates, and also the stories behind them.

I actually listened to the first episode a day early, due to me doing a bit of preemptive searching on Overcast, and actually finding out the secret project before it was announced!

From the first episode, I can tell that it’s going to be a podcast for me. With Connected currently being my absolute must-listen show, AppStories is going to be joining it. I’m super interested in apps, as you can probably see by my writing here, and also from the fact that I am also an app developer.

Hopefully this new podcast can lead me to more of the great apps, that are constantly being released on Apple platforms. And I can also see it being beneficial from a developer perspective, as AppStories will also be featuring interviews with developers, which for me sounds amazing! It’s not often I get to hear how other developers work, so that’s one segment I’m looking forward to.

However, if you’re still thinking that this big announcement was a new podcast, you’re only half correct. Because the podcast also has it’s own website, that has been custom built to allow for the best podcast experience. Which is evident when you see the custom audio player, that can also be embedded rather easily. I have embedded the first podcast below, so if it’s enabled on your browser, you’ll be able to see it.

I’ve also been told that, in true MacStories fashion, the website has it’s own API, and therefore there is a lot of automation happening. Which isn’t really a surprise!

You can find more information about the AppStories podcast, the first episode, and also links to subscribe on the many podcast apps, directly on the AppStories website. And in usual fashion, Federico has written an introduction article, “Introducing AppStories“, which details how the idea has finally come to fruition. It’s been around for a lot longer than you may think!

AppStories will be a weekly show, lasting around 30 mins each, and will be published on Mondays, starting on the 24th April. Except of course this first episode, which was released as part of MacStories 8th birthday celebrations! 🎉

12th August 2016

It has just been announced that Castro, a podcast app for iOS will receive a very hefty overhaul in the form of Castro 2.

With the official launch being on the 15th August (my birthday), they have released a trailer video which shows how Castro 2 will work.

When I first heard about another podcast app coming, I was initially hesitant to even check it out, because how good Overcast has been to me.

But after watching the video myself, and also checking out the more in-depth article they have on their blog “Castro 2.0: The Servers”, I’m really impressed with the work that has gone into Castro. It also doesn’t just copy the standard conventions of listening to podcasts, especially with the idea of having a general inbox for new episodes, and then a queue for ones you want to listen to.

Even Marco Arment, the creator of Overcast praised Castro:

Competition is matching a feature checklist. Innovation is defining the roadmap. @supertopsquid, true innovators: http://supertop.co/castro/#trailerTwitter – @marcoarment

If it was just another podcast app, I probably wouldn’t care too much about it, but I’m definitely looking forward to playing with Castro.

It could well become my next favourite podcast app.

26th July 2016

Relay FM have launched another great show, where Jason Snell and David Sparks talk about how they became independent.

From the Relay FM blog:

Last year at WWDC, I had tea with Myke, Jason Snell and David Sparks.

At the time, I was on the fence about leaving my job to work on Relay FM full-time. It made sense on paper, but I was nervous about taking my fate into my own hands.

All three of them were already independent, and were very open about the challenges and rewards that working for yourself brings. (I think they’ll admit there was a little peer pressure going on to, but that’s beside the point.)

Today, Jason and David are launching a new fortnightly podcast named Free Agents. It’s all about work, and while they are both self-employed, the topics on Free Agents are applicable to all sorts of people. – Relay FM Extras

I’m a big fan of both what Jason and David do for their blogs, Six Colors, and MacSparky. So I’m really looking forward to hear everything they have to say about going independent, and any tips they have for the rest of us!

Anyway, the first episode is titled "The Temptation of Yes", where they discuss the problems when saying Yes too much, and also how to narrow your scope when it comes to work.

You can find more about Free Agents, and the first episode on Relay FM. There’s also links to follow them on Twitter, and also on your favourite podcast app.

02nd July 2016

Nilay Patel was the special guest on John Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast this week, and it’s by far my most favourite episode, ever.

Special guest Nilay Patel joins the show. Topics include The Verge and Recode (and the state of the media industry at large), what’s going on with the lack of updates to professional Mac hardware, and, of course, Apple’s purported removal of the headphone jack on the upcoming new iPhones. – The Talk Show

I always thought John and Nilay were way different people, probably because of the big difference between Daring Fireball and The Verge. But they killed it this episode.

There was loads of cool discussion on Apple and what could be going on regarding the upcoming announcements, talk on the headphone debacle, and also some other nerd stuff.

I always thought of The Talk Show as the really long podcast, that I only enjoy around 60% of the time. But this was amazing.

If you haven’t ever listed to The Talk Show, then I’d recommend starting with this episode – "Ep. 160 FRESH OUT OF PRISON"