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Later this week, there is an update to Pokemon GO that will bring over 80 new Pokemon to catch!


The new Pokemon will be Gen 2, so from the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. You will be able to catch the three starters, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, along with loads more!


When you face a Pokemon in the wild, they will also react in a new way, there are no specifics yet though, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. While in an encounter, there will also be a simpler way to select and use items.


From PokeStops, you’ll now be able to find berries. These can have various different effects, such as a Nanab Berry will slow a Pokemon’s movements, making it easier to catch, or a Pinap Berry which will double the amount of Candy you’ll receive if you catch the Pokemon on the next attempt.


There’s also a few more pieces of apparel that you can use to customise your avatar, so it will be a bit less generic.

It’s not a huge update, but it’s good to see that Pokemon GO is still moving forward. I’m still waiting for a battle system, where players will be able to battle each other, but I can only hope. For now, we’ll have to settle with trying to catch them all!

If you haven't already, download Pokemon GO from the App Store.

ON: BY: Christopher Hannah

We want to provide you a detailed look at a new feature coming soon to Pokémon GO - Daily bonuses! Trainers will soon be able to receive a bonus for certain daily activities, including catching a Pokémon or visiting a PokéStop once a day. You’ll earn a larger bonus if you do this seven days in a row! - Pokémon GO Blog

This seems like a nice idea for continuing players, but most people have stopped playing now. So is this there idea to try and attract people back to the game?

Read the blog post for the exact details on the bonuses.

ON: BY: Christopher Hannah

Michael Kennedy, writing for ScreenRant:

While the Pokémon franchise never really went away entirely, the amazingly successful launch of new augmented reality game Pokémon Go has returned the property to a level of pop-culture ubiquity it’s not seen in many years. With millions of people currently spending their free time trying to catch ’em all, Nintendo’s stock price has rocketed up 25%, and the company’s financial outlook now looks quite rosy. Naturally, Pokémon Go’s success has led Legendary Pictures to start working overtime on a deal with Nintendo to produce a live-action Pokémon movie. While a deal is still not finalized, reports are suggesting who might be in line to write the script, if and when contracts are signed.

Really. Pokémon and Live-Action?

I can't imagine this being anything other than a terrible idea.

ON: BY: Christopher Hannah

If you haven't heard about Pokémon GO yet, then you've clearly been living under a very heavy rock, so check it out now.

The main restriction with Pokémon GO at the minute, is the inability to download it in certain countries. At the time of me writing this, it's only available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. So as I'm in the UK, I can't officially download it from the App Store.

Unless, I was "american".

So the way I got around it was to go to appleid.apple.com, and create a new Apple ID which was based in the U.S. You can get a random U.S. address from this generator, which will then let you create an account.

Then you will have to go to the App Store app, then at the bottom of your screen, tap on your current Apple ID and choose Sign Out.

Then sign in with your newly created U.S. Apple ID, it will prompt you to change to the U.S. App Store, which you can confirm.

Once that's done you can download Pokémon GO simply by searching and finding it on the App Store, and because it's free you won't need any payment details on the account.

When the App is installed, you can then sign out of this account in the App Store, and sign back in to your real account.

Then open up Pokémon GO, and start capturing!