28th January 2016

I’m currently studying Computer Science at London Metropolitan University, and in my final year I will have to come up with a project to do.

Although I’m only in my second year and I will start the third year in around September, we’ve been told to start thinking of ideas now. So I will start a new section on this website and hopefully start thinking of things I can do.

According to my lecturer the most popular projects seem to be websites or mobile applications. I think I’d prefer to make an app of some sort, or if I do make a website then it will be more of a service.

Once we work out a few ideas, we then have to then submit them to see if they’re good enough to warrant a grade at the end. It can’t be too simple and it can’t be too complex, therefore I better think of a few!

So that’s the introduction done, if you want to see how it’s going then you can just go to the University section. Otherwise you can follow me on Twitter @chrishannah.

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