26th March 2015

BUTTERBEER! (Served at all respectable pubs)

26th March 2015

I don’t post many pictures of myself, but I just chilled out on a pretty comfy Hogwarts Express!

26th March 2015

Inside! #hogwartsexpress #harrypotter

26th March 2015

Hogwarts Express!

26th March 2015

New addition to the tour!

26th March 2015

Warner Brothers Studio Tour! For the fourth time! #harrypotter

20th March 2015

This is all i managed to get on my iPhone. #eclipse

19th March 2015

Lord Bendtner strikes again! #lordbendtner #lord #bendtner #wolfsburg

16th March 2015

Damn right my code is javadoc compatible!

programming #java #javadoc #university

10th March 2015

Doing a bit of website work at uni!