13th February 2016

Disney fancy dress!

12th February 2016

My mum told me to decorate the trifle.

4th February 2016

Today I start a new module at university – Professional Issues, Ethics, and Computer Law. It sounds a bit boring to be honest, but I have seen that we’re learning about Edward Snowden which is okay I guess. I probably know most of that stuff already but it’s better than being taught something boring.

We were supposed to read around 45 pages of some random book, but I haven’t done that yet. And the class is in 4 hours. Oh well.

Lets just hope it isn’t boring.

3rd February 2016

I’ve been set some more coursework for my "Data Structures & Specialist Programming" module at Uni, and it’s good timing as I’ve been running out of things to do.

It doesn’t seem too complicated at a first glance, we have to make a web application in Java, which is what we’ve been taught for the past 2 years. The website must feature a mix of dynamic and static pages, and use Java EE server-side technology and a backend database – I’ll probably use MySQL because I’ve done a lot of that before.

There isn’t really a specification on what need to be in the website, apart from some basic database functions, some Ajax (probably a search option), and certain Java components. I’m assuming we’ll learn the detail in the lectures.

We did however have to choose a topic, and each person has to choose a unique topic. We got sent a list of topics we could choose from and my first choice was Planets, but this was already taken! So Mountains it is.

I haven’t given it too much thought yet, but I’m thinking a website containing a database of 100 or so Mountains, with the ability to search, sort, filter etc. I’ll start it soon hopefully and any decent work will be posted here!