30th May 2018
  • A working Xcode that doesn’t have SourceKit crashing every 15 minutes.
  • Always on Apple Watch face.
  • Declarative UI framework.
  • Dark mode for iOS.
  • Better Notification Center.
  • Maybe some UI changes so that iOS isn’t exactly the same as always.
  • Widgets on the home screen.
30th May 2018

Tim Hardwick, writing for Mac Rumors:

Stationery Pad is a handy way to nix a step in your workflow if you regularly use document templates on your Mac. The long-standing Finder feature essentially tells a file’s parent application to open a copy of it by default, ensuring that the original file remains unedited.

Stationery Pad doesn’t get much attention these days, but it’s a neat alternative to repeatedly editing templates and using the “Save As…” command, which can lead to overwriting the original file if you’re not too careful.

I had no idea this existed. I will most certainly be making use of it in the future.

25th May 2018

A short update regarding my earlier piece on Apple blocking Steam’s Steam Link app.

Turns out I was correct in that the type of app has nothing to do with the rejection. Which is why the appeal to Apple about there already being other remote-desktop style apps, didn’t work.

However, Reuters wrote a great piece, including quotes from Valve. The major point is this:

Steam, however, also offers purchases within games distributed through its platform and also takes a cut of those purchases. Apple’s App Store guidelines ban such a store-within-a-store unless the purchases flow the Apple’s infrastructure and pay Apple’s cut.

That is why it was rejected.

It’s also the reason why you have a Kindle app on iOS, but have to go to the Amazon website to purchase books. Because they don’t want to share any revenue with Apple.

It may seem terrible that Apple demand a cut of all purchases made on their platform. But they are the ones supplying the platform, and the opportunity for developers to build apps for them.

25th May 2018

At first glance, Apple rejecting Valve’s Steam Link seems like a bad idea.

However, I haven’t yet seen anyone with details about why it was rejected. I’ve seen “business conflicts” mentioned, however I can’t pay too much importance to any of the reports until I see at least the guideline that it didn’t follow.

If it does indeed break an app review rule, then you can’t really argue that it was rejected. But if, like many articles pointed out, there are other remote-desktop style apps already in the app store, and Steam Link is essentially just that, then these should receive the same treatment.

To counter that point, there is also the fact that we do not know the reason why it was rejected. Which means the reason could be nothing to do with the fact that it’s a remote-desktop app.

Also, approving and rejecting is a bit of a dick move. But more likely caused by human error.

25th May 2018

Here’s a screenshot of me writing my last post in Slate 😜

I really wanted to add an image to the post, but I wanted more to write it using my own app.

25th May 2018

Here’s a screenshot of me writing my last post in Slate 😜

I really wanted to add an image to the post, but I wanted more to write it using my own app.

25th May 2018

I recently started working on one of the most important parts of Slate, composing and publishing posts.

It was maybe the only feature I actually planned out, and I have a whole section in Things dedicated to it. I already know what features I want to add before I can say it’s complete, but I think I will also release a beta version for this feature, as soon as the minimal tasks are completed.

At the moment, it’s quite basic in functionality. It accepts an optional title, and of course the list content. No replies, image uploading, etc.

The first step was, of course, to add the code to actually post something to Micro.blog. But since then I’ve just been working on the UI.

Again, that is quite simple. There’s a field with for the title, a much larger text field which is where I’m currently writing this post content, and also a character count in the bottom-right corner.

Before releasing a beta version of composing, there are just a few things I want to add:

  • Markdown highlighting.
  • Easy way to insert Markdown syntax, such as links, or italics.
  • Replying to a post.
  • Replying to a user straight from their profile.

After I’ve done that, another build will be released!