28th February 2019

I finished something at work today, which was pretty cool, and now allows me to clear my plate ready for the next task! It was the networking layer of an app I mentioned in yesterdays entry. It’s as good as it can be at the moment, but I’m aware it may need slightly tweaking when adding in any requests later, as the api is being built at the same time.

One thing that did disappoint me was the fact that my code coverage is no longer officially 100%. Our aim is 80%, so it was going pretty well! But I was working on core logic, so it was all pretty easy to cover. However, as much as I can split up, and mock parts of the networking functionality, there’s some code that will only be used when making real HTTP requests. And that’s just something I haven’t best worked out how to test reliably.

I did finally get around to doing a bit of work on Text Case on the commute home. Nothing big, but I added support for encoding and decoding Base64! It’s not exactly something that is hard to find somewhere else at the moment, but it was very easy to add, and it means that Text Case now has two more formats, bringing it up to 18! (If you count the four variations of Title Case as one) You can sign up for the beta on TestFlight!

After I got home, I had my dinner while watching yet another episode of Lost. One thing led to another, and I ended up watching about 3 episodes. But luckily there’s literally over a hundred episodes to watch, so I’ll be fine for a while.

When I finally decided that was enough Lost (well I’ll watch a bit more before bed), I put my Switch in the dock, and started to play Pokémon on the big screen! And that’s what I’m doing right now as I write this entry!

27th February 2019

A very good day today!

I don’t need up working from home, so that’s a bonus. I was working on the networking layer of an app, and at the same time trying to make everything flexible enough so it can be properly tested.

And after work I headed into London to watch the Arsenal game! It was a complete domination, and we beat Bournemouth 5-1! One of the beat games I’ve been to at The Emirates.

Hopefully I’ll get to go to a few more games before the end of the season.

26th February 2019

I had possibly the most unentertaining day today. It wasn’t bad in anyway. But, there’s only so many ways you can write “I went to work and did the same thing I did yesterday, and the day before that…”.

As you may have already guessed, I went to work today. I did work stuff, and when I finished the stuff, I left.

Apart from work, I went back to my parents house for dinner, went out for a coffee with friends, and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since.

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more interesting. Maybe not.

25th February 2019

A busy (and hot) day at work today! I’m working on a lot of “utility” stuff in a new app. Things like caching data, saving data to the Keychain, encrypting/decrypting data, and doing this all in TDD. So my testing skills were getting a good workout.

I feel like this shouldn’t be included anymore, as I do it every day, but I watched a few more episodes of Lost again! I’m now halfway through episode 23 in Series 1, so that leaves me with list two and a half episodes left. I forgot how many episodes there were!

That wasn’t everything I did while looking at a screen though, as I got an email from the iTunes Affiliate Program team, about the minimum payment threshold. I shared this on my blog, I now consider the case closed. There’s not much else I can do or find out about this anymore.

25th February 2019

Back in August last year, I shared some information about the minimum threshold, in regard to getting payments from the iTunes Affiliate program. The issue back then, was that as the app program was ending, any money sitting in currencies that were below the minimum threshold, would be forever stuck in limbo.

I was worried about this, so I asked the Affiliate Program team. They responded with some good news:

Regarding App Store commissions, we will waive the payment threshold requirement after the program change takes place in October. These payments will be available to you approximately 60 days thereafter with our regularly scheduled invoice cycle. You will be able to release these payments once they have been received by Performance Horizon and processed.

So the threshold would be lifted, and they also informed me that the payments should be all be released by mid-December. Perfect.

However, on Friday I decided to query them about this again. As I heard from yet another person saying that the threshold still seems to be there, and they cannot release any payments. Even though I’ve had some released myself, that would have previously been below the minimum.

This time, they came back with a very clear statement. Which I presume is directed towards the balances left in my own account:

At this time, all available currencies are below the absolute minimum 2 GBP threshold and cannot be released.

While they’re not saying that all money will be paid. I think it’s reasonably understandable that 2 GBP is a hard-limit. I can’t imagine after converting currencies, and then adding on fees for the actual payments, that it would be beneficial for anyone.

At least this case should now be closed.

24th February 2019

Today started with me waking up at around noon. I honestly have no idea how I slept in that late. I must have had about 10 hours.

After I finally woke up, I made a beacon and cheese omelette for “breakfast”, and watched some Lost!

Then, at 4 pm, it was time for the most important part of the day. Arsenal were playing Southampton! It was a very impressive game, and we ended up winning 2-0. Which really doesn’t show how much Arsenal were dominating. On a good day, it could have been 5-0 or higher.

After that, me and my girlfriend got around to stripping the rest of the wallpaper from a room in our living room. Next, we’ll have to sand it down to make it smooth, fill in any holes, and decorate it!

After that, we both didn’t do much. We watched the latest episode of Call the Midwife, which I’m just as interested as my girlfriend is. And then I’ve just made myself lunch for tomorrow. I’m having spaghetti carbonara!

23rd February 2019

Finally, a day with good weather! There was a clear sky, the sun was out, and it was even a bit warm.

I took the chance to install a little bird feeder in our garden. It’s basically a vertical pole, with a few different attachments on it. And so far I haven’t actually seen any birds eating anything yet, but I wouldn’t say our garden is exactly attractive to animals. As it’s literally just a lawn of grass with a bird feeder. Not one bush. And the neighbours are similar.

Apart from that, I’ve done a few chores. While the sun was out, I went and posted some mail. Then I done the more boring tasks, like cleaning, laundry, etc.

It wasn’t all boring though, as I managed to fit in quite a few episodes of Lost, and some World of Warcraft!

I’ve now started to watch a film called Life, on Netflix. I’ve been waiting for it to be available for a while, and although I’ve only seen half of it so far, it’s certainly not what I expected it to be. It sounded like a peaceful film about emerging life, but it definitely isn’t!

22nd February 2019

I had a pretty good day at work today. We’ve started to use TDD for a new project, and I’m really enjoying it. Testing was never something I really liked to be honest, but I’ve got into a good flow with it. And I can already see the code quality benefits, and it’s pretty motivating to slowly see the number of tests increase.

While in my lunch break, I took the remaining screenshots needed for my Nintendo Switch/Pokémon review, and then published it! It’s one of my longest pieces of writing, and I’m pretty pleased with it. I certainly spent a lot of time on it.

I also ended up emailing Apple about the affiliate program. As back last year, they announced that the app affiliate program was ending, and I had a question about how they would handle the minimum threshold for releasing payments.

The issue stems from the way earnings are paid. They’re all into the currencies they were earned in, and the amount had to be over a certain threshold (£20 for me) to be paid. But I argued that since the thresholds would never be met, some earnings would be stuck. They reassured me that the threshold would be removed, and payments would be made in mid-December. I’ve had around 5 currencies paid out to me that were below the threshold, so I can tell something is happening. But I’ve still got money left, and I’ve heard that a lot of other people are having the same issue. So I’ve got in contact with them again, to see if they can finally clear it up.

21st February 2019

Work, work, work…

The only thing I’ve done after work, is to get my Nintendo Switch/Pokémon review nearer to being published. I added some extra details that I thought of throughout the day, and then I started the editing process. I did start this the other day using Markup on iOS, but this time I used the GoodNotes app, and it was a delight. I then made the changes, and read the whole piece again.

What’s left now is just the images. I need to get a header image, and also screenshots from the Switch. This wont take long, but it’s too late for me to do it tonight. So tomorrow will be the day of publishing!

After it’s been published, I can get back to Text Case development!