30th April 2019

Today has been very much just getting back into the swing of things. I had some issues this morning with the trains, so that aspect was back to normal.

At work, our entire team, which was formed recently for a new project, is getting to a point where we have tangible results starting to appear. I personally have been doing a mix of server-side code in Java, some theory/diagrams, various configuration stuff, and a bit of web development. I’m by no means a web developer, but I have enough skills for an MVP that we’re working on, and it’s really fun. Although, Swift development will always be my primary focus.

After work, I had dinner which was cooked by my girlfriend. Again, because she was starting a night shift, and would leave before I arrived back home from work.

So because I had a few hours with not much to do, I went out in the evening for a coffee with a friend, and honestly not much else. I listened to some podcasts, and watched a couple of videos on YouTube. But mainly I’ve been doing nothing. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s now 11 pm roughly, which is the time I aim to write this entry everyday. And after it’s published, I’m going to have an early1 night”.

  1. Well, early for me. My base bedtime is 12pm, and it usually ends up being a bit later. ↩︎
29th April 2019

I’ll start with the boring stuff: I went to work, set up my new desk in our new floor, and worked on a project. When I got home, I ate my dinner that my girlfriend made before she left for a night shift, and I watched a few videos on YouTube.

However, tonight was a different story. I just watched Avengers: Endgame. I’m not going to spoil anything here, but I would like to announce that I finally have a favourite film. I’ve always had multiple “favourites”, but this one is everything.

28th April 2019

Today started with a nice lie-in, followed by a disappointing performance by Arsenal as soon as I woke up. So nothing too great to dwell on.

Over on the blog, I did link to two articles today. The first being Matthew Cassinelli’s Reeder 4 review, and the second being a really interesting video about how someone turned an apartment into an indoor jungle. Well I thought I linked to these articles, but for some reason they apparently didn’t publish earlier. So I’ve literally hit the publish button while writing this.

I cooked another roast dinner, which was slightly better than before. But there are still some improvements to make. Such as broccoli with cheese sauce, and stuffing!

Tonight was spent playing various games. I played a tiny bit of World of Warcraft, Fifa, and No Mans Sky. I attempted to play Call of Duty and Overwatch on my PS4, but they were hidden behind huge hour long downloads. So alas, they will have to wait.

28th April 2019

Ever since moving in to a new home with my girlfriend, I’ve been thinking of ways to add a bit more nature. We both like the look of plants, and having quite a lot of green in the house, but she would prefer fake ones, and I would prefer all real plants.

As I was watching videos about what other people have inside their house, I discovered a woman called Summer Rayne Oakes (@homesteadbrooklyn on Instagram). A channel called Barcroft TV have a great video of her apartment in New York, and shows how she fits in over 150 different plant species.

It’s absolutely incredible.

While I wouldn’t mind living in this apartment, I’m pretty sure whatever I go with, won’t be as crazy.

28th April 2019

When I heard about Reeder 4 being released, I wasn’t quite sure what benefits it had over Reeder 3. Thankfully, Matthew Casinelli wrote a great piece:

iPad users who have been holding out hope for an update to Reeder for iOS can relax – a new version was released today with full support for all devices on all platforms and some interesting new features.

After reading the full article, you’ll have no surprise that I ended up purchasing the app.

You can find Reeder 4 on the App Store.

27th April 2019

Me and my girlfriend had quite a lie in this morning, and after we got up we watched some television and I played some games on my Mac.

Eventually we went for lunch, which was actually a very late breakfast at our usual cafe. This was, of course, followed by a regular bit of shopping for house stuff.

In the early evening, I was out for a coffee, and also dinner at Wagamamas with friends.

While I was out, my girlfriend was watching Moana, so when I got back, I watched the rest. I also managed to convince her to watch Mighty Joe Young afterwards, as that was a film I watched loads growing up.

I also watched a few videos on growing indoor plants, which I really want to do. I don’t just want to grow a couple of basic plants in pots though, the videos I’ve been watching are people that have essentially, micro-forests in their house.

26th April 2019

Wooooo! Friday!

It was an easy day at work today. No stress involved, and a few projects/tasks got cleared up, which is a very good thing. Because of our desk/floor move at work, we had to finalise all of our packing. If all goes according to plan, all of our belongings will be next to our next desk on Monday morning.

I’ve been reading more of my Essentialism book, and I’m now roughly halfway through it. It’s been very interesting so far.

This evening I went out for a quick coffee, and I also played some world of Warcraft.

It’s nowhere as early as yesterday, but it’s now time for bed. I expect tomorrow will be slightly more interesting that today.

25th April 2019

It’s one of them days, where I’ve got back from work, eaten dinner, and I just want to go to sleep. I’m exhausted!

It was a pretty busy day at work. It didn’t help that some people that I was dealing with, weren’t quite at the level I expect. I know that’s a bit bitchy, but I have things to get on with.

I did change something on the blog today as well. I removed the ad from the website, and replaced it with a “sponsor” style advert. So any sponsors will have to manually do this from my website itself, rather than being part of a network. I’ll no doubt write about this tomorrow.

Right now, I’m going to sleep. It’s not even 9 pm yet, but I’m just too tired.

24th April 2019

Not long after the week started, it already feels like it’s about to end. It’s not only because of the bank holiday on Monday. But there’s a big office plan change at work on Friday, where I’ll be moving to a newly decorated floor. So that’s another day essentially written off!

During fog the various bits of travel today, I’ve been doing a mix of three things. When I had chance to sit for a long period (a huge chunk of my commute), I read more is Essentialism. When I had to walk somewhere, for example before/after trains on my commute, and also walking around the house, I’ve been listening to an episode of the Tim Ferris Show that features Neil Gaman. It’s really interesting! And finally, any other time I’ve just been listening to some Avicci!

I did also watch the Arsenal game tonight when I got back. But we ended up losing 3-1, which is a big blow to the season, and is very annoying. But there’s no point worrying about that, I can’t fix it.

Now it’s time for me to ready a bit more Essentialism and go to bed.

23rd April 2019

I was totally not ready for today. It was an early 6:30 start, followed by an absolutely sweltering office. Hopefully the air conditioning is a bit more effective tomorrow.

While on my lunch break, I finished off writing my review of Castro, and published it to the blog today.

I also did some reading. I used my commute to force myself to start reading Essentialism. Tomorrow will be exactly the same.

Tonight, me and my girlfriend have been visiting her parents house for dinner. And now it’s time to go to bed and start it all over again tomorrow.