I’m Christopher Hannah, a software developer.

Predominately I write in Swift, but as most other developers, I have experience in a lot of other languages.

I’m a Computer Science graduate, although I’m not particularly proud of that achievement, as I don’t think I really learned that much from it.

Professionally, I’m an iOS Developer at World First.

Outside of software development, I like to write here on my blog – I’m massively interested in technology, with Apple being a big focus point. I try to read a lot, this has gotten better recently, but my aim is to read more non-fiction, in particular things that can actually teach you something. Then there’s travel, most people do it, but I enjoy actually experiencing other places, rather than simply being in a generic tourist location that just happens to be in a different place.

I’m also a strong believer of the fact that no-one’s opinion really matters. I write my opinions here because I want to, I can, and I enjoy doing it. Feel free to read them.


There’s a only few places that you can really contact me:

If you contact me anywhere else, I can’t guarantee a reply. Not that I even guarantee one from the mentioned methods.