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20th January 2019

Today started with me playing quite a few hours of World of Warcraft! At the same time, I was listening to some podcasts, and music from a German artist called Azet. He has an album coming out soon, Apple Music has a couple of them available now.

Football was on for most of the day, and Arsenal played the late night kick-off (17:30). We beat Chelsea 2-0 at The Emirates, and it was a really good game. The entire team played well, and with a high-intensity throughout. There was a down-side to it though as one of our players, Hector Bellerin came off the pitch with a knee injury.

Between lunch and dinner time I tried out some cooking. I made a spaghetti carbonara, and I made it as authentic to the traditional Italian recipe as I could (I was watching actual Italian chefs make it on YouTube). It only needed four ingredients: pasta, egg, pancetta, and parmesan cheese. No cream.

One of my favourite television shows is also back for a second series, The Punisher. The first episode is now available on Netflix, and it’s looking just as good, maybe even better, than the first series.

18th January 2019

An interesting day at work today. I had to reimplement a line-chart in one of our apps, because the framework that we previously used was producing inconsistent results.

The chart we have shows time-based data, and the problem stems from the fact that the data provided by the API isn’t consistent with the timing of records. So for example there might be 10 data points for one day, two for the next, and six for another. We spread out the values on the y-axis and the associated dates on the x-axis, but the spacing of data is based on the amount of data points, with no way to override this.

Luckily I done a bit more research, and there’s a framework called Charts by Daniel Cohen Gindi, that’s actually a Swift/iOS Chart framework for a Android. It also happens to be the one used in our Android app, so just based on consistency it’s better than the one we had before.

Apart from that, it’s been a pretty average day.

17th January 2019

Nothing that impressive to write about today. It was a busy day at work, and afterwards I mainly played games and watched TV.

But I came into a problem at work today, where I couldn’t add any padding easily to a UILabel in an app. So I wrote a small subclass that adds an insets variable, and made sure it still worked with AutoLayout. You can find that here on the blog, or the code directly on GitHub.

16th January 2019

Back to work as usual today. The design sprint that I was part of didn’t require me at all today, so that meant I could get back to some actual development. I was starting the build the structure for a new project, so that’s pretty interesting.

On my blog today, I linked to a piece from John Voorhees at MacStories, about DuckDuckGo now using Apple Maps for location searches. I also wrote a short opinion on Slack’s new icon. Not a huge essay on Medium, or any other type of insightful take on it. But John Gruber shared a few thoughts, and they seemed to resonate with what I was also thinking, so I thought I’d say a few words as well.

As usual I listened to some more podcasts, and what’s even more typical, I’m ending the day with one in-progress.

Practically no work on Text Case today, except from I finished up the Title Case Style setting. But that took about 15 minutes.

15th January 2019

Today was the second day of a design sprint at work, so it was a busy day again! Fortunately, tomorrow is less intense, so I won’t be tired for the rest of the day.

I did manage to get one feature on Text Case “working” before I gave up doing anything work-like. I expanded the settings to included setting the title case style.

Throughout my commute to and from work I also slipped in a podcast. Another episode of The Stalman Podcast, and this time Marco Arment and Casey Liss were guests! I’ve started listening to an episode of The Instance (World of Warcraft podcast), but I’ll save the rest for the commute tomorrow.

As for the rest of the night, I’ve played a few games on my PS4. But mostly I’ve been annoying my girlfriend with my bad piano and guitar skills.

14th January 2019

If you could class any day as a write off, today is that day.

I managed to get to work an hour early (7:30) for a few minor reasons, that really didn’t warrant that amount of time. We also started a design sprint at work today, so that took a lot out of me.

After work I’ve just been playing World of Warcraft, FIFA 19, and watching videos on YouTube. My mind just can’t cope with anything more complex than that at the moment. Although, I did just beat Barcelona 2-0, playing as Arsenal. So I’ve got that going for me at the moment. 😜

13th January 2019

It turned out I wasn’t as productive today as I thought I would be. I had planned to work on the rest of the settings in Text Case, but it simply didn’t happen!

Me and my girlfriend had our weekly trip to the cafe, where our drinks were brought to us before we even ordered! We were then asked if we wanted the usual, we said yes, and they were brought to us! It may be a sign we go too often, but I find it rather efficient.

The rest of the day has just been both of us playing games on our laptops. I played World of Warcraft while she played Sims!

Maybe I’ll do a bit more work tomorrow.

12th January 2019

Well, I guess I could say today didn’t start very well. Arsenal were playing the early kick-off this weekend (12:30) against West Ham, a team we should easily beat. However, the team selection was a bit off (No Mesut Özil), and it just was a bit flat. We lost 1-0, with their goal coming from a mistake from an Arsenal player. Thank god I have a bad memory.

Slightly during the game, my girlfriend was watching a series called Bodyguard. It turned out to be really interesting, and even though I only watched the last 2 episodes (6 total) of it, I worked out the entire plot, so I now don’t have to watch the rest!

The rest of the day has sort of been a rotation of three things, watching nature documentaries, working on Text Case, and playing World of Warcraft. I watched at least three episodes of Planet Earth (the first series) in a row, and then some I don’t even know the name of.

For Text Case, I was working on the Theme select tool. I had the list of settings “working” yesterday, but you couldn’t select anything on it. Today I wrote a generic way to select a setting from the menu, have it open a list of options, then after selecting one, have it reflected in the app. It works with the Themes pretty easily, as that’s not exactly a complex setting. But tomorrow I’ll have a look at importing all the settings in the current app to this new version.

11th January 2019

There’s a bit more variety today.

I did something that I probably should have done a while ago, and that’s adding search to my blog. My blog runs on WordPress, so it only took adding a widget to the sidebar, and writing a small template for the results page. For some reason I’ve been putting it off. But it makes it so much easier to find old content.

While I was at work, I decided to start using my Apple Extended Keyboard II again. I stopped using it for a while, simply because I moved desk and I’ve been working mainly just from a laptop. But I’ve gotten used to the various different function keys for media and mission control. My current solution with the AEKII is trying out Keyboard Maestro. I have some custom macros set up for the function keys, and they’re media controls, volume, mission control, show desktop, etc. Hopefully I can make more use of it, then I’ll be purchasing a copy.

One section that I feel is going to become regular in these posts, is my podcast listening. I managed two episodes today:

Of course, I did a bit of work on Text Case 2.0 again today. I tightened up a few things from yesterday, like fixing scrolling lag (that was due to me messing around with rending shadows on every format, which gets updated every character you type), and some colour contrasts. I then started working on the Settings, where it currently only shows the theme. It actually doesn’t work right now, so you can’t even select it. But a lot of the work I did here were the foundations of how settings are stored, and actioned upon in the app. So once that is complete, the whole system is quite modular, which will be nice for future me that may have to update it.

10th January 2019

As promised yesterday, I wrote a post about the current progress on Text Case 2.0. I’ve done a bit more work on it today after that post as well, but it’s mostly been non visual stuff. But for the UI, I’ve added a small shadow/glow to the edge of the formats, and also changing the text colours to increase the contrast ratios.

Apart from that, I’ve also consumed a lot of media today. I watched loads of videos from a YouTuber called Nixxiom who mainly does videos about World of Warcraft, and I’m a massive nerd.

I also listened to a lot more podcasts than usual. It was pretty quiet at work, so I had a lot of time just working away with my headphones on. Here are the episodes: