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24th May 2019

It was a slightly productive day at work today. I was pairing with someone while writing some tests in Java, and a I also helped infrastructure/api developers move one of our apis into AWS. It was certainly not as straightforward as it was suggested.

After I got home, I cooked barbecue chicken and potato wedges for dinner. My girlfriend would have cooked, however it appears she’s coming down with a flu. So that was my job.

She did make me a cheesecake though! A very nice one made with malteasers. It’s going to last for quite some time as well.

After we ate, we watched the film Lucy, as it was on television. It’s still absolutely weird. Fascinating though.

My girlfriend is now tired from being ill, and I’m just generally tired. So I’m writing this and then I’ll be going to bed.

23rd May 2019

Nothing special about my work day today, but after work I went to Vegan Nights!

That of course, means I had vegan food for dinner. I had barbecue ribs and chips. The ribs were basically slabs of seitan in a barbecue sauce. Sadly I’d only rate it 6/10. However I did have a blueberry cheesecake, which was very nice!

The train home was another huge chunk of the day. So I spent that reading Twitter, Micro.blog, News, and even played around with my phone in greyscale mode. I was pretty bored.

Now I’ve had a shower and I was just about to get my laptop out. But my girlfriend helpfully reminded me that it’s nearly 12, so it’s basically bedtime!

22nd May 2019

I ended up working from home today. It sounds good, but the internet connection at work has been having issues recently, so any kind of video call is a pain.

Luckily it meant I could be home as soon as I finished working. I spent the next few hours playing a relatively new character on World of Warcraft.

I then “popped out” for some food shopping with my girlfriend, and about an hour and £120 later, we’re done. That should be us fully stocked for a while!

We’ve since had pizza for dinner and been watching some YouTube videos.

My plan for tonight was to stay awake, and then take part in the World of Warcraft Classic beta event. However, in my local time it’s 12 am to 2 am, so it would not be the best decision. And it’s just about 11 pm and I’m getting tired. I guess I won’t be able to make it.

21st May 2019

Who would have guessed, it was time for another coffee tonight. I’m getting to a stage where they know my order, and occasionally remember my name. Maybe I need to go a tiny bit more often for them to remember. Clearly 2 or 3 times a week isn’t enough.

I did manage to get in about an hour of World of Warcraft as well tonight, which is honestly getting a bit boring. I tried to combat this by playing on a low-level character, going through old content. But there’s only so much of this you can play in one go.

Finally, I activated my Micro.blog hosted micro blog. I wrote about it on the blog, and of course you can find my blog over at chrishannah.micro.blog. I should have a cleaner redirect available from micro.chrishannah.me, but that’s pending on the SSL activation, as my domain is HTTPS only.

20th May 2019

It was a relatively quiet day at work today. A few people were on holiday, and we had some meetings scattered throughout. Not a hugely productive day for anyone.

After work, me and my girlfriend went out for date night. We went to a local Indian restaurant which was very nice!

Now we’re going to bed, and about to watch A Bugs Life. All because I told her that the caterpillar is called Heimlich and she didn’t believe me.

19th May 2019

After getting in at about 3/3:30 am, I woke up with a rather sore back. I have no idea how I caused it, but I bet it was while I was in a drunken state last night.

Between the morning and early evening, we were mainly playing computer games, and entertaining the cat!

For dinner, we were invited round to my girlfriends parents house for a Sunday roast. And after that we stayed for a few extra hours while we talked about gardening, and what I can do with our new garden.

18th May 2019

Today was a housework day. My girlfriend was coming home in the late afternoon, so I got the house cleaned and tidy. I also did the usual laundry type chores.

After I was done cleaning my own house, I went to my parents house to get their house ready as well. As we were having a barbecue for my brothers 21st birthday. It was a pretty good night, with a lot of alcohol being drunk. And according to my girlfriend I was actually drunk for once!

In the day time I did manage to publish two things to the blog:

16th May 2019

Work was a real mix today. I spent the morning figuring out issues we were having with provisioning profiles and certificates with our iOS apps. Then I was testing some APIs that are being migrated. And we were also discussing some micro services that myself and my team are going to be building soon, so that’s interesting.

During my commutes, and while I was eating dinner, I did catch up on Game of Thrones. Which means I’ve watched 5 episodes since the start of yesterday. Woops.

I haven’t been that active on my blog recently, but I did link to a great article by Jordan Merric, where he shared some tips on how you can manage Instagram Hashtag sets.

Right now, I’m just getting sorted, and I’m planning to have an early night. I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out though.

15th May 2019

Work slightly as usual today. I’m still working on the same non-mobile project, so I was doing some web/server development. However, I was tasked with a small mobile task, so that was slightly more fun!

After work, I’ve been mainly watching Game of Thrones. I decided earlier that I would try to catch up with the current episodes, and as I remembered, I last watched the first few episodes of season 7. Turns out, either my memory is bad, or I really underestimated the number of episodes in that season. As I’d watched all but about 15 minutes of the last episode.

That means I’m now on season 8, and about to watch the super long third episode!

It wasn’t all laying in front of an iPad though, I did pop out for a quick coffee as usual.

One last thing. Thanks to Federico Viticci‘s and Ryan Crystoffel’s new podcast, Adapt, I now have the plan for the next update to Text Case! Listen to the first episode if you want a clue.

14th May 2019

My girlfriend left for Spain this afternoon, so this morning was the last time I saw her. It now means I’m living by myself for the rest of the week.

I don’t think I’ll notice it too much, as it’s only the work week, so most of my time is spent on the commute and at work anyway. However, it still will be a bit weird. And very quiet! Sometimes that can be a good thing, but we’ll see.

As I’m on my own, I had to make myself dinner, which was spaghetti bolognese. That will also automatically become my lunch for tomorrow at work, so that’s very handy.

In the evening, I’ve basically just been watching YouTube. It’s been a random assortment of TED talks, stoicism, journalling, general productivity, and writing videos. There’s a lot to learn on YouTube.