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25th March 2019

It was my first day back at work after my trip to Norway, and thank god it wasn’t stressful!

Of course, just before I finished work, I started to watch the Apple Event. I had to continue it on the commute home, with sporadic pauses because of my train going through tunnels, but I got there in the end.

I’m not going to write too much about the event, but overall I liked it. News and Apple tv look like something I’d enjoy, I’ll have to wait for Apple Arcade before I make a judgment on that, and I don’t particularly care about the Apple Card. The Card is the thing I have the strongest opinions of, and it’s the thing I like the least. I’m not a fan of credit cards at all, and there’s nothing that Apple can do to get me on board. However, I’m not even eligible for it (UK), so I’m not going to waste anymore of my time worrying about it.

One thing I published on the blog today, was a guide about Title Case, including what it is, the popular formats, and also how you can select one in Text Case. I’ll have one tomorrow as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

24th March 2019

So what I thought would be a quiet day in, actually turned into something a bit more active than I expected.

It started well, as I spend a few hours watching Lost, and playing Fifa.

However my mum asked if I could clean out a few of my last things from my old bedroom, as she’s getting some kind of work done (I can’t quite remember exactly). So I popped over, and organised that.

While I was at my parents house, I saw their garden fork and shovel, which made me remember that I needed to do work in my own garden. Needless to say, I borrowed the fork and shovel.

I then spent a while trying to clear my garden. This involved mainly digging up paving slabs, and other bits of random rock.

The previous owner clearly didn’t do any kind of work in the garden. I e have a partial patio that’s been covered in stones, and what seemed to be a small leading into the garden, was actually two paving slabs, on top of a layer of grass, with a hidden concrete layer below it.

We originally suspected a draining issue in the soil due the amount of moss growing in certain areas. But it seems that this issue was caused by hidden slabs under a small layer of soil, and also a huge section of the soil actually being clay.

I have certainly got a job ahead of me. 😬

After my garden activities, I cooked a chicken curry for dinner, and then I’ve been relaxing as much as I can before going back to work tomorrow. Of course I had to clean the dishes, and sort out my bag for work, but at least I got a few more episodes of Lost in.

23rd March 2019

So today was our last day in Oslo, and it was spent mostly travelling back home to London.

As usual, after getting sorted, we went to what became our regular coffee shop, for a morning coffee.

We then hang about there for a bit, before getting the train to the Airport. Once there, we had a bit of lunch, and headed through security. Although we were there for a few hours (we arrived very early), the individual processes in the airport such as customs, passport control, and boarding, were all very quick.

That’s a complete contrast to what we experienced in London Stanstead though, as it seems things were just arbitrarily delayed in every part. For example, for the automated passport control, only 18 out of 30 machines were being used. And there was one person that was attempting to control the flow of people through the machines. Even to the point where a machine freed up, the next person entered, and was rashly told to get out, simply because he had not pointed him to the machine.

After getting home, I’ve just been relaxing after a few days of constant walking. I first made dinner, then I spend a few hours watching endless episodes of Lost, and playing some Fifa.

22nd March 2019

The day was started with another bowl of cereal, and a trip to the same coffee shop. And we continued our exploration around Oslo by foot.

We found the Nobel Peace Centre, which was very interesting! Especially the current exhibition about the fight against sexual violence as as a weapon of war. That was very eye-opening.

We walked some more around the harbour, but it was super cold for a change (it’s actually been pretty sunny and warm in Oslo the past few days), so we found a pizza restaurant for lunch. It was okay, but as usual, super expensive.

We also went into the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, and that was place was absolutely crazy. It was all contemporary art, or as I like to call it, “Art”.

For dinner we went to Nordvegan, and I had a “Buddha bowl”, which was very filling. So that’s yet another vegan meal that I haven’t managed to finish yet!

After some more walking, we finally headed back to the room to watch Thor: Ragnarok. And now I’ll have to get some of my stuff together, as we’re leaving tomorrow morning.

Oh and I forgot to mention one big thing, I released the big update to Text Case while I was here as well! You can read about that here on the blog, on the website, or direct on the App Store!

22nd March 2019

It’s taken a while, but I’m very glad to announce that Text Case 2.0 is finally available!

The reason why it wasn’t a simple update, is that The app has been completely rebuilt. This includes a new way of organising individual formats into groups, and a new design that fits.

There are four new formats to use: Emoji, Rot13, Base64 Encoded, and Base64 Decoded. This means that there are now 23 different formats to use in Text Case!

The app now has a few extra customisation options, you can switch between a Dark and Light theme, change the order of the groups, enable/disable formats, and also choose between 22 different app icons.

You can get Text Case on the App Store!

And if you’re interested, you can check out the new Text Case website.

P.S. A series of guides focussed around getting the most out of Text Case will be published regularly. So watch this space!

21st March 2019

Today started with a bowl of cereal and a coffee for breakfast.

After we were sorted, we went out for a coffee at a cafe. And then continued to walk round more of the city, including the harbour, and a war museum that we stumbled across.

For lunch I had a tuna baguette at a sandwich bar, it was alright, but I couldn’t identify some of the salad that was inside of it.

Somehow we ended up in a Zoology museum in the afternoon, which had a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil, and various nature scenes with stuffed animals, and realistic environments. It was pretty cool!

We then spend the rest of the day walking and exploring further parts of Oslo, before heading to a good market for dinner. It was time for another burger, but this time it was a vegan stall, so I got a jackfruit burger. It was okay, but I’ve certainly had better.

Here are some photos from today:

20th March 2019

I’m in Norway! 🇳🇴

I had to wake up stupidly early, but we finally got landed in Oslo at about 9:30 am local time (8:30 GMT).

As we usually do, we spend the first half of the day travelling around the centre of the city. Stopping for a coffee, a falafel wrap for lunch, and various photo opportunities. As of right now (21:00), I’ve walked 25,000 steps.

The Oslo Opera House is one place we spent a while at. It’s a massive building, and you can walk above it to get a pretty good view.

For dinner, we got went to a burger restaurant. It was only two stops on the tram as well, so that was handy.

Here are some of the photos I took today:

19th March 2019

It’s only Tuesday, and it’s already the end of my working week! That’s because in just over 8 hours, I will be flying to Oslo, Norway. And I’ll be there for 4 days!

That meant after work, the only thing I’ve been doing is getting ready for the trip. So, packing my clothes, charging my devices, downloading movies and books, etc. It’s all basically done, but some things will be left to charge while I have a little sleep.

Emphasis on the little as well, as I’m being picked up at 4 am tomorrow morning. So although I’ll try to go to sleep relatively soon, the best possible scenario is that I’m asleep by 10:30 pm, and awake as late as 3:30 am. So a maximum of 5 hours sleep, and I’m being generous to myself. I guess that means I’ll be sleeping on the plane.

18th March 2019

I’ve had quite a busy day today! Along side my day job, I’ve got a lot of other stuff done.

It started with me sending a quick reply to Tim Cook’s tweet with him using the new iPad. That tweet somehow got popular, and starting blowing up my notifications. I also linked to the new iPads from my blog, with what I think is a pretty good headline.

I also made some big progress on the Text Case 2.0 release! It’s been officially submitted to Apple, and I’m aiming for a release this Friday (22nd). That all meant I had to prepare all the screenshots, content for the website, and the announcement post that will go on my blog. I then informed some websites/writers about the upcoming release, and hopefully they’re excited as I am!

Just about everything is ready to go, and that’s definitely a good idea, as I’m actually going to be in Oslo, Norway, on release day! That should be fun!

It also means that the journal entries should contain loads of photos soon. I’m out there from Wednesday to Saturday.

17th March 2019

Chore day!

Pretty much the entire day was spent cleaning the house, and doing boring adult things. Like cleaning every bit of washing in the house, vacuuming everywhere, and also tidying a few things up.

The two other things I’ve done today are popping out for a quick coffee with friends, and playing some World of Warcraft!

Maybe this is what adult life is like.