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8th February 2019

Nothing too not worthy at work today, I wrote some more tests, investigated some bugs, and wrote some code. A pretty basic day.

After work me and my girlfriend had some of her family around, so we cooked dinner for everyone, and spent the evening watching Netflix and talking.

I also shared a quick tip on Twitter earlier about using the Error protocol in Swift, and making it provide the correct value for localizedDescription.

7th February 2019

So today at work was spent creating the base bones of a new iOS app. Starting with TDD and MVVM in mode, I made a basic structure, along with starting to write tests and code for the API interaction.

I didn’t get that much time to do a
lot of work on Text Case, apart from making a few tweaks to the Action Extension, and also some changes to the Hashtags format. I fixed a few things that could have caused weird results, so I’ve made it so you should never get multiple # together, and also that every hashtag is separated by only one space. If words are separated by other things such as a comma or full stop, they will be converted to spaces.

Tonight at home, me and my girlfriend ordered a pizza as there were a lot of people coming to visit. My girlfriends friend came round, followed by both of our parents coincidentally coming round at the same time.

And in the mean time, I built a new sofa! I don’t have a picture right now, as I’m just about to go to bed. But I’ll most likely share one at some joint tomorrow!

6th February 2019

As always, I’ll start with a short description of what I got up to at work today. My main tasks were trying to think more about how we’re going to build our next app. We’ve decided that everything is being written using TDD from the start, and hopefully, we can figure out a way to use BDD style tests, but there aren’t many great options available in Swift. Or at least so I’ve found.

And now the second favourite of the journal, Text Case progress updates. I did a fair bit of work tonight, but nothing really finished that I can show off. I did complete the Siri intent donating that I mentioned yesterday, and I’ve basically finished off the entire Siri Shortcuts feature, but I’m going to do a lot of testing on it when I have a big block of free time. Apart from that, I started to move the Action Extension over to 2.0. It’s built much better than the current version, as it reuses the same classes that are used to display the list of formats in the main app, with a few minor things specialised for the context of an Action Extension.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can tidy up a few more things, and then I can tick them off the big list and move closer to the public beta.

5th February 2019

A mixed day at work today. It involved me presenting the prototype I mentioned yesterday that I was working on, at our biweekly team demo, working out some stuff for a future big project, and also trying to squish some bugs.

I also managed to have another productive day with Text Case 2.0, as I managed to port over the main logic of the Siri integration from the current version, and it works perfectly! The only bit of work remaining on this is figuring out when to “donate” intents to the system, which is basically where the app informs iOS that an action has been performed, so it can suggest it to you at a later date/time. Hopefully when you’re most likely to need it.

This step also means that I’m nearing the beta testing phase. I’ve been hesitant to put out any beta versions of this for a while simply because it didn’t have all the functionality that the current app had, so I knew any testers would be degrading their Text Case usage. But as soon as I can tell that everything in 1.4 works in 2.0, and that nothing breaks because of the update (I’m mainly thinking about Siri Shortcuts integrations), I’ll send out a public beta link on the newly created Twitter page (@TextCaseApp).

Another thing I have to mention is a great podcast I’m now starting to listen to. It’s called And You Are?, and it’s by Greg Morris. It’s a conversation-based podcast, where he talks to test about what they do for a living, their life, and other interesting topics. I probably didn’t summarise that well, but if you just look on the episode list, you can already see the list of great guests that he’s already had on. So far I’ve listened to the first episode with Daryl Baxter, which was really interesting, and I plan on listening to every episode!

4th February 2019

Today at work was not one of a usual iOS Developer, as I spent most of the day using online prototyping tools to work on a little demo I’m doing at work. It’s all part of a task I’ve been doing the past few weeks, and I’ve gone from drawing rough diagrams on a whiteboard, to writing long user stories in Ulysses, which I then created a huge flowchart from, and I took one specific route and make that into a prototype!

Outside of work, I actually finally got around to giving TextCase 2.0 (the redesign I’m working on) a chunk of time. Firstly, I created a Twitter account for it (@TextCaseApp) so I can share specific news about the app in one place.

Then I finished off two different settings, enabling/disabling specific formats, and also changing the order of the format groups. In the current (old) version, each format can be moved around freely, but it offered no sense of structure, and as the number of formats grew, it became a bit of a mess. So I’ve now grouped them together, and you can arrange the individual groups. If a group has no formats enabled, the entire group will be hidden, so it doesn’t mean you’ll always have to see the headings.

One other thing about TextCase is that it got featured on the latest episode of AppStories! Which is a podcast all about apps by Federico Viticci and John Voorhees of MacStories.

As I mentioned in yesterdays entry, last night me and my girlfriend put together some Ikea furniture. We managed a two-seater sofa, a tv unit, and a small coffee table. You can find pictures of the first two on my Instagram. I topped that off today by building a small storage unit for my office! And It turns out it fits absolutely perfectly in the corner.

While building it, I watched another interesting video from Joe Robinet. He’s a Canadian backpacker/bushcraft guy, and in the video I watched, he spent 10 days in the Canadian wilderness with just 10 items. His videos (or at least the ones I’ve been watching) are usually just over an hour long, but they’re good to have on while doing something like building Ikea furniture!

3rd February 2019

So today was our first visit to Ikea for the new house. It was the most stressful visit to Ikea that I’ve ever had. The major issue is the one-way system they have, so everyone has to follow the same route. And as you can imagine, not everyone works at the same speed. So there are old people walking slowly, people just taking their time and browsing, kids running everywhere, and me just trying to get to the next department. It also didn’t help that we weren’t in control of the time, as we had to come with someone that we knew that had a van, so we had to be as fast as possible.

We still managed to buy quite a lot of stuff. The main things were two sofas, a tv unit, and a big storage unit for my office. We purchased two, two-seater sofas, but unfortunately, one colour wasn’t available to take away, so we’re going to have that delivered. But it’s going to be a big bonus having somewhere to finally sit down!

Tonight I expect to put together the sofa and tv unit, and then tomorrow it’s back to work!

2nd February 2019

Nothing exciting to talk about today!

It’s been a day of moving things to the house again, and also organising what we have already moved in.

Tomorrow is the first visit to Ikea, so no doubt that will add to my back pain!

1st February 2019

It snowed quite a lot in the night, so that means another day of working from home!

I made full use of my office today, and simply by being in the room for a long period of time, I have some ideas of what I want to add:

  • Introduce another colour other than white to the walls.
  • I want places to hang my many backpacks on the wall.
  • I have a lot of little ornaments and gadgets, so a mini bookcase/shelving unit would be helpful.
  • Either curtains or blinds, because right now there’s nothing in front of the window.

For dinner I made another traditional Italian carbonara, which I think I’m getting the hang of!

31st January 2019

So last night was the great night in our new house, and today was my first full day living in it.

That’s mainly because I was working from home today, while a few deliveries arrived.

After work finished, I went to Vegan Nights with a friend, in Shoreditch. I’m by no means a vegan, but I go to a lot more vegan restaurants than most vegans!

I can’t really remember where this was from, or what was inside it, but this Tempeh sandwich was very nice!

Tonight I’ve managed to get the tv set up, so Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube are all enabled. And with our remote, each of those is only one button press away.

30th January 2019

Very big day, very short journal entry.

So today, me and my girlfriend moved into our new house!

We got the keys just before 2 pm, and we spent the rest of the day moving things between houses, picking up appliances, and then trying to at least get things in the correct room.

Of course one of my main concerns was my office because I now have a whole separate room for that! All I’ve done so far is move my desk, chair, and wired up a few things. But I want to get a lot more storage in here. I’ll probably paint it another colour as well.

After a long day, we finally got around to eating dinner just after midnight! I cooked the first meal in the new house, and it was a chicken stir fry!