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15th April 2019

I’ll skip work in this entry, there’s really not much to say.

However, me being at work, and my partner also being at work, meant that our cat was at home alone for the first “large” amount of time. After I got back, it appeared he was asleep in out bedroom, and didn’t show any signs of being in distress, or actually missing us that much!

I cooked dinner again tonight, and it was a chicken curry with the rest of the roast chicken I made on Sunday. It was surprisingly good.

After dinner, me and the cat watched the Arsenal game. Well, I can’t really say that he was paying full attention, but I was. We won 1-0 away against Watford, and although the scoreline is pretty low, the 3 points is all that matters. So it was a very good night!

To finish the day, myself and my girlfriend are watching trash tv, and I’m also catching up on articles in my RSS reader.

I did take a photo of our cat today, but I wouldn’t exactly say it was a good one. I’ll include it just to show the problems I face when taking a photo of a fluffy black cat.

14th April 2019

Today has been quite a simple and quiet day in our household.

Of course, we spent a lot of time with our new cat. But apart from popping to our local cafe in the afternoon, we didn’t leave the house at all. And we didn’t do much inside it either!

The day has been scattered with watching YouTube videos, catching on Hanna, playing games, and just not doing anything energetic

For dinner, I cooked our first roast dinner in our new house. It included roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables, and gravy. It actually turned out pretty well, which I was very surprised with.

Sadly there are no photos of Jay to share in this entry. I haven’t managed to get any that are sharp, or where he’s actually looking somewhere near the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

13th April 2019

It’s been quite a relaxing Saturday.

The first half of the day was just me and the cat, as my girlfriend was sleeping after a night shift. Therefore, I spent that time playing with the cat, watching episodes of Lost, and also playing games. The games were, of course, the only two games I play on a regular basis, FIFA and World of Warcraft.

While cooking dinner, eating it, and a short time after, we watched the first Thor film. I’m trying to watch a good about of the Marvel films before Avengers: Endgame comes out, so I’ll be watching one tomorrow as well probably. I’m not watching all of them though, because there are some that I don’t particularly care about, such as the Hulk one, and the first Captain America.

I’m now relaxed on the sofa, drinking a bottle of Estrella, and catching up on my reading in my RSS reader.

I did say yesterday that I would try to get a few photos of Jay today. I have a couple that I like, but his colouring makes it very hard to get a sharp image.

Anyway, here are the best two from today:

12th April 2019

Cat day!

I spent the day working from home, just so me and my girlfriend could go and pick up the cat we’re adopting, Jay.

It was expected that he would be very shy, and take a while to explore his new home, and also that he may not eat until he’s comfortable. That was completely the opposite of what happened.

We took him to my home office first, as that was a place he could be without any distractions for a while. But he went straight downstairs, explored the house, and within a few minutes he was on my lap demanding affection.

He’s a very vocal cat, and he very much likes to be stroked. So it’s gone pretty well!

Here’s a photo of him where he his right now, sitting with me on my bed.

I haven’t managed to take a good still photo of him yet, as he’s a black cat (although his browns are coming through quite a lot in that photo), and he’s also pretty much always moving. Hopefully I’ll have one to share tomorrow.

11th April 2019

Today started with the same work stuff as yesterday. A bit of web development, mixed with meetings, and a few other things.

I also posted a link post to my blog today, which I haven’t done for a while. This one was to a story about how the UK Home Office leaked personal email addresses of 240 EU citizens, because someone didn’t know the difference between CC and BCC.

After I got home, I finished off dinner, which was for myself, my girlfriend, her sister, and her partner. Luckily I could still watch the Arsenal game in the mean time, and we managed to beat Napoli 2:0!

So right now it’s time to start getting sorted for bed. Then in between working from home tomorrow, we’ll be going to pick up the cat! So if you want to see photos and videos, I’ll be sharing some to my Instagram throughout the day.

10th April 2019

I actually did something before work today. I wrote and published a blog post, all within my commute. It was just me sharing some information about the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, and how you can reserve a username.

At work today I was actually doing some cool stuff. I was doing a bit of web development! I didn’t exactly build Facebook, but the product we need, has a minimal web interface, we have a rough design from our designer, and currently no web developer. So I just got on with it. And I’m all about “vanilla” web development, so as much HTML and CSS as possible. No React, oversized JS libraries, CSS frameworks, SASS, etc. Just the web as it should be. The content marked up in HTML, and that styled with CSS. Nothing else is needed.

Once I got home from work, me and my girlfriend did a bit of tidying in our house. As we’re picking up our cat on Friday, and we still had a few boxes of things in the living room from moving in.

We did eventually eat dinner, and watched another episode of Hanna. It’s coming to an end, which is a shame, as it’s a pretty interesting series.

Right now, I’m waiting for my pasta to cook while I write this entry. Because I’m making myself tuna pasta for lunch tomorrow!

9th April 2019

I did a few things today.

First off I went to work, I did some work, and then I left work. I’m not doing mobile development at the moment, as our team has been tasked with a temporary project, so I can’t even talk about any cool things like that.

During my break, I managed to change the colour scheme of this blog. It’s not a total redesign, as you can probably tell, but I’ve switched from a white/red colour scheme, to a dark-blue/orange one. I’ve liked this colour pair for a while, and I prefer dark interfaces, so I thought it was a good idea. The idea of a theme toggle existed in my mind for a while, but I don’t want to add any unneeded complexity. I’ll just keep altering the design as my taste changes.

I also made some big progress on Lost, as I’ve now just realised that I’ve finished watching the fifth season. And I’ve actually already completed the first episode of the sixth (the final one).

My podcast listening wasn’t spectacular, but I did finish the latest episode of The Talk Show, and I’ve got a few great ones ready to listen to tomorrow. The Queue mechanism in Castro is really helpful to pick out the episodes I really want to listen to, so I can see me starting to listen to them more regularly again. I also appreciate that you can view your playing history, as I tend to report this in my journal, and my memory isn’t exactly great.

8th April 2019

The first half of my day can be easily described with a quote from Rihanna:

Work, work, work, work, work.

After what I think was a reasonably productive workday, I’ve had an evening to myself to just relax, and watch/listen to things.

Of course, I watched some more Lost. I’m now on the fifth season. It’s pretty much been on most of the night.

I did get some time to listen to some podcasts as well, which is something I haven’t done for a while. It was kickstarted by me finally wanting to checkout Castro, a podcast app for iOS, and their Queue/triage idea helped me to pick out a few episodes that I really wanted to listen to. There was an episode from Under The Radar, where Marco and David talked about the different stages of developing a new app. The start of what looks like to be a great interview series at Frogpants between Scott Johnson and Chris Metzen. I also started listening to the latest episode of the Talk Show, that will take me a bit longer to listen to, as I can’t focus on long episodes that much anymore.

I’m now going to watch yet another episode of Lost, and go to sleep, ready for a near identical day tomorrow!

7th April 2019

Okay, so tonight’s entry will hopefully make slightly more sense than yesterday’s. Turns out that writing after drinking (a lot) is not a good idea.

Today has been spent lounging around at home, watching television, playing Fifa, and also watching the Arsenal game. Arsenal lost, but I won’t dwell on that.

I do have some more news about a strangely worded announcement I wrote in yesterday’s entry, and that’s our new feline companion! We’re adopting a rescue cat, and we hope to pick him up early this week. We’ve already bought the necessary supplies, got a bed ready, and even a big cat “frame” that it can use. I’ll share some pictures when we have him!

6th April 2019

Do today has been kind of weird one.

Me and my girlfriend visited someone who may be joining the family soon. So I’ll clear that up in the near future!

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for one of my family parties. Yep have a big family, and we have pretty loud parties! Thai time it was my cousins thirtieth birthday, so that’s as good as a reason as any. Well, I’m still at that party as I’m writing this entry. So far I’ve been drinking (a lot), singing, and dancing.

I forgot to say that it was a karaoke party. So we had a real band, and then random groups of people would sing a song. Unfortunately, me and my brother sung a song with me girlfriend and aunt, but we requested our second a bit too late.

I still think that we were the life of the party. But them videos won’t make it to the internet.