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9th June 2019

After the party last night, we all slept in our tents and sleeping bags inside a hall. After everyone had finally awoke, we spent a few hours having coffee/tea and some hot breakfast.

After that was all finished, we spent quite a few hours tidying everything from the party. There was a lot of go through, and myself and my girlfriend only ended up leaving at about 6 pm. There was still a tiny bit of work left to do, but my girlfriend was working a night shift tonight, so we had to get back and have dinner before she left.

After she went to work, I was left on my own. So I did some boring things like water my plants, wash the dishes, and do some laundry.

I started to watch a film on Netflix called “I AM MOTHER”, but I’ve barely managed an hour so far. I’m strangely just too tired. Even though I didn’t really do anything today.

8th June 2019

Me and my girlfriend finally had a lie in for once. We woke between 11 and 12 am, which was totally deserved.

We then took some things we got from Scotland, like black pudding and square sausage, to my girlfriends mums house so we could all have a late breakfast. That led into a coffee/tea and television.

After we’d finished talking, we went home to get ready for my girlfriends sisters birthday party. Which was Harry Potter themed. My girlfriend went as Sybil Trelawney, and I just went as a generic wizard with a gown and shirt.

The party was very fun. And that was probably aided by the fact there was draught beer, which you could use yourself. I pretty much had an infinite beer.

It’s now pretty late, and I’ll be going to bed soon. We’re all sleeping in tents in the party hall, so in the morning we can have a good breakfast!

7th June 2019

It feels a little underwhelming, but after just a two-day work week, it’s the weekend!

I spent today at work doing some tweaks and branding changes to a few of our iOS apps. It wasn’t exactly ideal work, but it’s a lot more interesting than the stuff I’ve been working on recently.

Throughout the day, I consumed a bit more WWDC content, but still nowhere near enough. I swear I’ll be watching sessions for another year. It wasn’t all WWDC videos I was watching though, as I also listened to the Connected and most of the ATP (so far) episodes that were recorded live in San Jose.

It wasn’t all work and consumption though.

Because I also managed to do a bit of development when I got home. Technically it was more just me playing around for about 30 minutes, but I did manage to get Text Case working on the Mac!

Just a warning, it’s by no means perfect. But this is straight out of the box so I wasn’t expecting much. The main issues I see myself are the rounding of cells in settings table views, a few spacing/margin bugs, and for some reason images that don’t conform to their constraints and masks and cover half of the screen. (This is also an issue with the current version of Text Case running on the iOS 13 beta.)

Here are a few screenshots of the very first build of Text Case for Mac:


6th June 2019

It was my first day back at work today, after my short trip to Scotland. I was totally not ready for it. However, I did finally get to do some Swift development later in the day, and tomorrow I will be doing the same! It sounds weird, an iOS developer not writing Swift, but our whole team has been moved to another short-term project, so it’s not an ideal situation.

I did manage to fit in a lot of WWDC content, which I’m very much relieved with. As I was falling behind with all of it, since being away without a reliable internet connection, and spare time to watch videos. I finished off the Keynote, watched “The Talk Show Live”, a bit of State of the Union, and also listened to Federico Viticci’s great interview with Craig Federighi.

5th June 2019

Today was our last day in Scotland. So we spent the morning packing, getting out of the rooms, and eating out last full English/Scottish breakfast.

After we left the hotel, all 7 of us split up into three different activities: A trip across to a smaller island, shopping, and visiting another member of family that lives in Scotland. I was doing the latter. Some of us then went to a little garden/park which had some nice plants, but also some animals. Including goats, donkeys, parrots, chickens, rabbits, etc. It wasn’t much, but you don’t often see a public “zoo”.

Eventually we all met up afterwards for lunch. Which turned out to be an early dinner, as we had to leave for the airport at 6 pm.

Once we were at the airport, I started to watch as much of the WWDC Keynote as possible. Unfortunately I only managed 20 minutes, as I was relying on the terrible airport WiFi. And for some reason, the Keynote was not available to download offline, so I couldn’t even prepare myself at the hotel. So tomorrow is going to be packed with WWDC videos!

Anyway, I’ll end with a few of my favourite photos from the trip:







4th June 2019

Again, we started the day with a breakfast at the hotel.

Later on the day we headed to Glasgow central. We walked around the city for a bit, before heading to the science centre. That was pretty fun for a few hours.

Afterwards we headed back to Cartsdyke, where we met loads of my family for dinner. Some from Greenock (local) and others that were over from Australia. It was a very busy night.

When the restaurant was empty, we headed back to Greenock for a drink with one of my cousins. After one drink, my mum, sister, girlfriend, and my brothers girlfriend went back to hotel, and we stayed for a few more. It was an enjoyable night, but it’s certainly now time for bed.

3rd June 2019

We started the day with a full Scottish/English breakfast at the hotel. Followed by a day of travelling around the area.

It included a lot of different areas, shops, and activities, but we essentially travelled through Gourock to Wemyss Bay, got the ferry to Rothesay, spent a while there, and then came back across to Gourock. Once we got back there, we walked along the esplanade until we got back to a restaurant to eat dinner.

After dinner, we completed the tiny journey to the hotel. And played some card games with some alcohol.

I was planning to watch at least some part of WWDC. Usually I watch the Keynote in Starbucks, followed by the State of the Union at home. However, as I’m on holiday, I expected to at least have the keynote downloaded so I can watch before going to bed. But the download is still not available, so that’s going to have to wait until at least tomorrow.

Another bad thing is the betas. Right now, you need a Mac to get the iOS and iPadOS betas. Of course, I only brought my iPad to Scotland.

2nd June 2019

We landed in Glasgow at around 9 am this morning. And we quickly all got together and had a Scottish breakfast at a pub. As far as I can tell, it’s an English breakfast with a potato scone.

In the afternoon we got to the hotel and everyone seemed to have a nap, before heading out to my cousins house. As we had a lot of ripple visiting from all over, we had a whole mix of accents, with English, Scottish, and Australian, and a lot of in between.

We had dinner, some drinks, and some NERF fights. Now we’re just getting ready for bed!

1st June 2019

Today was pretty much a day of preparing for a family trip to Scotland tomorrow. That included getting the house ready for the cat sitters, getting a few things and packing for the trip, and also the boring chores that come with owning a house.

Apart from the boring things, I did release an update to Text Case today. It’s nothing major, just a new format called Clap Case, that inserts clapping hands emoji between words. It was suggested by a friend on Twitter, so I just did it quickly!

Turns out it was much quicker than I thought, with the app update taking less than 12 hours to go from me submitting it, to it being available in the store. You can read the blog post about it, and also find it on the App Store.

31st May 2019

It was a quiet day at work. A lot of people were working from home, which meant less chatting. And, of course, we were a tad more productive.

After work, I was presented with a new lawn mower from my dad. So I immediately cut the grass in our back garden as soon as I got home. This took longer than I thought. But it turns out the included cable is really long, as is a perfect fit for our garden. So no extension leads were needed at all.

When I’d finished all the gardening for the day. I cooked dinner, and caught up with the latest episode of The Instance podcast. Which I do on Twitch, as that’s where they stream and host the live video.

Since then I’ve just been finishing up a very small update to Text Case. It’s nothing serious, just a funny addition that a friend suggested. Hopefully it’s released soon!