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Loading Images From the Web Into a UIImageView

22nd June 2018

This is more of a recommendation than a tip, but it totally helped me out, so I thought I’d share.

If you find yourself needing to load quite a substantial about of images form the web, handle caching, and then add them to image views, then I think Kingfisher is a library you should check out.

I use it in my Micro.blog client, Slate, where I’m loading profile pictures, and countless images inside the post content. I simply pass the URL of the image to the UIImageView, and Kingfisher will take care of the downloading, caching, applying, and also apply a placeholder while it’s doing this if you so choose.

Straight from the README on GitHub, the easiest implementation of this is as follows:

let url = URL(string: "url_of_your_image")
imageView.kf.setImage(with: url)

But there is a more complex function you can call to have a whole load more control:

func setImage(with resource: Resource?,
                         placeholder: Placeholder? = nil,
                         options: KingfisherOptionsInfo? = nil,
                         progressBlock: DownloadProgressBlock? = nil,
                         completionHandler: CompletionHandler? = nil) -> RetrieveImageTask

Which you can use like this:

let imageURL = URL(string: "here is the image url")
        let placeholderImage = UIImage(named: "placeholder")

        imageView.kf.setImage(with: imageURL,
                              placeholder: placeholderImage,
                              options: nil, progressBlock: { (receivedSize, totalSize) in
                                // Do something with the progress amount, like update a progress bar
        }) { (image, error, cacheType, url) in
            // After completion, do whatever you want with the image, any errors, cacheType, and the URL

I’m a big fan of the library, and if you’re ever in a situation where you need to simply load a few images from the web, or a more image heavy app, then this is my suggestion. It’s certainly a lot easier than writing your own image downloader, and cache system. I spent a while making one myself, but it was never as good as Kingfisher.

Kingfisher on GitHub

Counting Enum Cases in Swift 4.2

9th June 2018

Previous to Swift 4.2, the way you (or at least, I) count the number of cases in an Enum, would be to create an extra case called lastValue, or count. This, of course, was only useful if the raw type was an Int.

enum Option: Int {
    case one
    case two
    case count


Well now, if you make it conform to the CaseIterable protocol, you can use the allCases array. Which is generated automatically, and contains all the cases in the order they were defined.

enum Option: CaseIterable {
    case one
    case two


This also means you can not only use it to count the amount of cases, but iterate over all of them much easier.

The allCases value is only generated when the Enum doesn’t use associated values, in which case you will have to do this manually.

enum Option: CaseIterable {
    case one
    case two(Bool)

    static var allCases: [Option] = [.one, .two(true)]