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30th April 2018 | Permalink

Ethan Grant:

That might sound silly today, in an era of centralized services (e.g. Facebook, Google) bombarding our inboxes, phones, and “feeds”. As privacy and security breaches make headlines, we clamor for a decentralized internet. But less than twenty years ago, the internet was decentralized, when the human cycle of individualism versus collectivism was perfectly aligned with divergent expression. We’ve now spent the past decade attempting to build the perfect centralized web, only to realize its many faults. The cycle continues.

It’s just one big cycle.


  1. Burk

    on 01/05/2018

    @ChrisHannah It definitely feels like it’s coming back around! If for no other reason, the ability to filter the massive amount of info that is hurled our way each hour.

  2. ChrisHannah

    on 01/05/2018

    @Burk Yep, just wait a couple more years until it dies again, and the next Facebook comes out 😜

  3. Paul Jorgensen

    on 25/05/2018

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