Slate Development Log #6

16th April 2018

It’s time for v0.2!

The second public version of Slate is on it’s way to all current beta testers. And it’s so much better than v0.1.

I’ve been doing a lot of refinement recently, to the way things are parsed, to even how images are cached, and how the views are dynamically built.

One major feature, that may not even seem impressive, is inline images. I removed this from the posts because they were causing the app to really slow down, due to the image downloading happening synchronously with the HTML parsing. However, I now extract these from the content, hide them from appearing in the main text, and then control them myself.

This allows me to set the layout depending on the number of images, and then load them asynchronously in the background.

They’re slightly styled at the moment, with rounded corners, and a background if they aren’t an exact square. But the next step is to maybe allow for a preference on preview sizes and also to be able to tap and view the image full screen.

Of course, this version also brings the new themes, which I wrote about in the last development log. And as I keep developing the app, I’m sure these will be fine-tuned.

If you want to be part of the beta, all I require is an email address to send the TestFlight invite to. Feel free to email me, or find me on Twitter or

You can keep up to date with the development of Slate, in it’s own category.


  1. Eddie Hinkle

    on 18/04/2018

    I really enjoy these development logs. I think you’ve inspired me to start doing them for my own app, Indigenous, which is more IndieWeb focused but will support kind of as a sibling relationship.

  2. ChrisHannah

    on 18/04/2018

    @EddieHinkle Thanks a lot! You should definitely start one, I’d be pretty interested in keeping up to date with it.

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