7th March 2017

The very first Apple Watch was released 21 months ago, in April 2015. It was to me, a revolutionary new product, and I just had to get it. So I did.

In September 2016, 18 months after the original Watch was released, Apple then updated the original model, naming it Series 1, while also releasing a whole new version, Series 2.

You could argue that the Series 0 (first edition) to 1 change wasn’t even worth noting, the only main difference was that the Apple S1 processor used in the Watch was replaced with a dual-core variant. However in the Series 2, they added a newer Apple S2 processor which was also dual-core, but also an ambient light sensor, 50 m water resistance, 2x brighter display, and a GPS sensor.

So we can all agree that Series 0 → 2 was a decent update.

Therefore, you would expect that because of this, along with the fact that the Series 0 is a version 1.0 of a new product, that the need and desire to upgrade would be huge.

Except for me, it wasn’t. And it still isn’t.

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26th November 2016

A few weeks back in issue #56 of the Club MacStories Weekly newsletter, I wrote about my current home screen, and what I changed when moving to my iPhone 7 Plus.

With the iPhone 7 being released, I took that as my chance to join the infamous Plus Club. And with that, I thought I would look at a different way to organise my Home screen as my previous 5S was just one page of well categorised folders. With this new shiny toy, I started fresh with a Home screen of my most used apps.

If you want to see the whole thing, or just want to check out Club MacStories (It’s great!), check it out here.

Once your a member, you can find my home screen in the archive, and it’s "MacStories Weekly: Issue 56".

17th July 2016

I wrote a piece/rant about notifications and how I deal with emails over on Medium.

For a while now, I’ve been slowly turning off notifications on my devices, but today I made the decision to switch off my email notifications as well.

It all comes down to my growing need to focus.

It’s about a 7 minute read, so you may want to put it aside for when you have time. But I hope I can change your mind about how I (and maybe you in the future) deal with notifications.

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1st July 2016

I was asked by David Sparks recently if I would like to do a Home Screen feature for MacSparky, and I couldn’t turn it down!

This week’s home screen features Christopher Hannah (Website) (Twitter). Christopher developed my favorite Wikipedia app for the Mac, Qwiki. Qwiki puts Wikipedia in my search bar and I use it all the time. You should check it out. So Christopher, show us your home screen.

Check it out on MacSparky!