Text Case 2020.1

14th February 2020

It’s time for Text Case to receive its first update for 2020. Only a relatively small one this time, but it brings with it two new formats, and some work under the hood that should go unnoticed.

The new formats are quite straight forward:

Straight Quotes. This does the opposite of the “Smart Quotes” format, and converts all curvy quotation marks to the simple straight versions.

Slug. A bit of a weird one if you’re not already aware of what a slug is, but essentially it’s the more human-readable part of a URL that identifies what the page is. For example, a blog post will have a slug usually based on the title of the article. So this format will strip out all non-alphanumeric characters, and separate each word with a hyphen.

This update also contains a few extra things that shouldn’t be noticed, for example the way the UI is managed, and rounding corners, etc. It looks the same, except it’s done in a much more reliable way.

There is another less-than-tiny update to the UI that you may notice, and that is the gradients at the top of each format in the list view. These are now slightly more prominent.


I’m guessing you would have noticed the 2020.1 version number, this is something I’m adopting from now on with all of my apps. The format will simply be YEAR.INCREMENT, where this is the first update to Text Case in 2020.

The updates to Text Case have been quite small and more incremental updates recently, and that I think is down to the maturity of the app. There’s not that many text transformations that people do regularly enough to need it in an app such as Text Case, and there’s only a limited amount of ways you can interact with the app.

So until there’s an advancement in iOS/iPadOS/macOS I can take advantage of, I would expect the updates to continue being small tweaks, and the occasional new format.

In the mean time I should really be working out what app I’m going to be building next!

6 responses to “Text Case 2020.1”

  1. I thought about it for GlanceCam and decided to stay on the old versioning system, but again, when I will ship 3.0 with multi-windows I won’t see other major features to deserve a bump to 4.x, so I’ll be stuck in 3.x land forever…

  2. Chris Hannah says:

    Another very good point! That seems like a tricky situation.

  3. That makes sense. But I also have a second point: someday TextCase will be mature enough that you won’t probably update it very often, but the version number will make it look “abandoned” when it is not…

    “Oh, this update is 2020.6 and we’re in 2022, this app is not maintained!”

  4. Chris Hannah says:

    Haha, that is a good point, it does look a bit like that. I was just finding the “normal” versioning scheme to be a weird fit. Especially as I don’t think most of the updates to Text Case can be categorised as major/minor that easily.

  5. Like’s for the update, I’m not much into the year.# versioning number… it still looks that you released the January update in February!

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