20th January 2019

David Sparks had an interesting take on AirPower, that maybe not many people actually care about it. But also that it would be good to end all the rumours:

I hope Apple does perfect and ship the AirPower, if for no other reason, so we can start talking about it. Regardless, I can’t help but think in the overall scheme of things, AirPower is small potatoes.

Maybe this is why Apple haven’t came out at any point with updates to the availability of it. They have had real issues with AirPower, like the heat caused by placing so many charging coils together. But there’s been zero news about it since the announcement, at least officially. Maybe because it’s just an accessory that only a tiny fraction of people will get, so it’s not actually a big deal.

One response to “The Questionable Fate of the AirPower →”

  1. joshsullivan says:

    @ChrisHannah I agree that in Apple’s product lines, it will be a smaller fraction of profits (if it comes to be). On the other hand, at the University I work at, I have the privilege to be involved in one of the Entrepreneurship classes. Over the last two years, the amount of student presentations that are selling an all in one charger for all devices has been about 40%. Some are presented like the AirPower, with Apple products only in mind, others have an Android phone and AirPods and want to charge both with the same device. On top of this, older generations (my grandparent’s generations) are starting to wonder why they need multiple chargers for their devices as well. I think if AirPower ships, we will see a slow adaption at first, but after a year or so, more and more people will be buying it, similar to the AirPods adoption.